Graduate program in Computer Science

RIMS offers graduate programs, which lead to both a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Science degree in mathematical sciences as a part of Graduate School of Kyoto University. In our computer science research group, the first year master's program is composed of a series of informal but intensive seminars on foundations of computer science and a programming project, through which students acquire background for independent research in computer science. Thesis seminars are then arranged on an individual basis according to the students' interests. (See the curriculum.)

We welcome students with diverse undergraduate backgrounds who have strong motivations in formal analysis of computation and its application to innovative software developments. Successful applicants are expected to have sound backgrounds in mathematical reasoning, and the ability to communicate in Japanese or English.

For more information of the graduate program in computer science at RIMS, contact:

Computer Science Group, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Sakyoku, Kyoto 606-8502 JAPAN

or the staff of computer science group at RIMS.

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, 606-8502 Japan.