Invited Speakers

  • R. K. Scott (Univ. St Andrews)
    Zonal jet formation by potential vorticity mixing at large and small scales
  • L. M. Smith (Univ. Wisconsin)
    On the role of near resonances for the formation of jets and vortices in geophysical flows
  • E. Kartaschova (J. Kepler University)
    Exact resonant triads of Rossby waves as a basic model for intra-seasonal oscillations in the Earth's atmosphere
  • W. R. Young (Scripps Inst. Oceanography)
    Zonostrophic Instability
  • T. G. Shepherd (Univ. Reading)
    Complexities of the atmospheric jet stream
  • E. Dormy (Ecole Normale Superieure)
    Zonal flows, dipole collapse and dynamo waves in numerical dynamos
  • A. S. Brun (CEA-Saclay)
  • G. I. Ogilvie (Univ. Cambridge)
    The evolution of warped astrophysical discs due to angular-momentum transport and unstable internal waves
  • M. Heimpel (Univ. Alberta)
    The depth and structure of zonal flow from numerical models of giant planets
  • J. Aurnou (UCLA)
    Experimental studies of turbulent rotating convection systems
  • P. Williams (Univ. Reading)
    Numerical Simulation of banded jets in the laboratory
  • D. R. Durran (Univ. Washington)
    Estimating the response of mid-latitude orographic precipitation to global warming
  • G. K. Vallis (GFDL/Princeton Univ)
    Zonal jets and equatorial superrotation in terrestrial atmospheres