We request you to kindly preregister for the conference, because the space of the conference hall is limited. Please download the registration form, Regist.txt. Fill out the form and e-mail it

      gafd2013-rgst (at)       (please replace (at) with @).

You can request accommodation of Kansai seminar house, so please let us know with the registration form if you prefer to reserve it. However, since the number of the rooms are insufficient for all the participants, we are sorry we may not be able to accept your request.

At the seminar site, there is no lunch place outside the seminar house, so we recommend to reserve lunch set at the seminar house, or bring your own lunch box if you stay the downtown of Kyoto city. You can reserve lunch of the seminar house with the registration form.

If you would like to attend the workshop, the deadline of the preregistration is,

      September 15 (Thu), 2013.

Note that we will close the registration when the capacity exceeds.

Registration Fee and Payment

We request you to pay for the following amounts.

  • Registration fee: 2,000 JPY (Japanese Yen)
  • Conference Dinner: 9,000 JPY per person who will join the dinner in the evening of November 7 (Thu), 2013.
Registration and conference dinner fees will be collected at the seminar room of the conference on November 6 (Wed) and 7 (Thu), 2013. Only Japanese Yen in cash is accepted. No credit cards, thank you.

Conference Dinner

Conference dinner in the evening of November 7 (Thu), 2013 will be held at KKR Kyoto KUNI-SOU (Phone: 075-222-0092), a hotel in downtown. Since the number of the participants is limited to 28 people, we will close the registration of the banquet when the capacity exceeds.