Galois-theoretic Arithmetic Geometry

Dates: October 19-24, 2010
Venue: International Institute for Advances Studies and Keihanna Plaza Hotel, Kyoto, Japan
Organizing Committee: Hiroaki Nakamura (Chair), Florian Pop, Leila Schneps, Akio Tamagawa, Yuichiro Hoshi
This meeting is organized as one of the projects of RIMS Camp-Style Seminar, where participants are basically supposed to be invited researchers of closely related areas.
This event is a satellite meeting of Joint MSJ-RIMS Conference
"Development of Galois-Teichmueller theory and anabelian geometry"
of the next week held at RIMS, Kyoto University which is supposed to be open to public audiences.

Lunch and Dinner
Meeting Information:
(1) RIMS-Camp-Style seminar (stay-together-program) in October 19-24.
     "Galois-theoretic Arithmetic Geometry"
  Organized by H.Nakamura, A.Tamagawa, Y.Hoshi, F.Pop, L.Schneps
  Meeting place : International Institute for Advanced Studies
  Stay place : Keihanna Plaza Hotel + partly in IIAS
(2) The 3rd MSJ-SI2010 (Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute)
   "Development of Galois-Teichmueller theory and anabelian geometry"
  Date:  October 25-30, 2010
  Place: RIMS, Kyoto University
  Organized by H.Nakamura, F.Pop, L.Schneps, A.Tamagawa.
  Brochur.pdf (Ver.October 4) 

Last modified: October 18, 2010