Shape Theory and Topological Spaces
児玉 之宏
目 次
1. Fiber Shape Theory (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)--------------------------------------------------------------------------1
    筑波大学数学系   加藤 久男 (KATO,HISAO)
2. Boundaries of $\ell^2$-Manifolds in $\ell^2$ (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)-----------------------------------------------11
    筑波大学数学系   酒井 克郎 (SAKAI,KATSURO)
3. Shape Fibrations for Topological Spaces (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)----------------------------------------------------15
    Zagreb Univ.   MARDESIC,SIBE
4. Dimension of Product Spaces (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)----------------------------------------------------------------19
    筑波大学数学系   児玉 之宏 (KODAMA,YUKIHIRO)
5. On Products of Countable Tightness (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)---------------------------------------------------------22
    東京学芸大学   田中 祥雄 (TANAKA,YOSHIO)
6. On Approximative Movability (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)----------------------------------------------------------------29
    山口大学教育学部   渡辺 正 (WATANABE,TADASHI)
7. Shape of Compactifications (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)-----------------------------------------------------------------41
    筑波大学数学系   児玉 之宏 (KODAMA,YUKIHIRO)
8. When is a Local Homeomorphism between Continua a Homeomorphism? (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)----------------------------45
    広島大学総合科学部   富永 晃 (TOMINAGA,AKIRA)
9. A Note on E. Michael's Example and Rectangular Products (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)------------------------------------57
    筑波大学数学系   玉野 研一 (TAMANO,KENICHI)
10. On 2-Normed Spaces (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)------------------------------------------------------------------------62
    神戸大学理学部   井関 清志 (ISEKI,KIYOSHI)
11. Compact Multi-Retractions and Shape Theory (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)------------------------------------------------66
    大阪教育大学   小山 晃 (KOYAMA,AKIRA)
12. On Almost Arcwise Connected and Almost Peano Continua (Shape Theory and Topological Spaces)-------------------------------------75
    香川大学教育学部   深石 博夫 (FUKAISHI,HIROO)