Past and Current Research of Shinichi Mochizuki
Report on Past and Current Research (as of 2008-03-25)
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''So what is IUTeich theory about?'' explanation via ``Sokkuri animation''
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「Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory: A Progress Report」
 (the abstract of a lecture to be given at a workshop scheduled for October 2010; posted in
 July 2010)

"FAQ on 'Inter-Universality' " by Go Yamashita

Report concerning activities devoted to the verification of IUTeich (as of December 2013)

・Announcement concerning a lecture series "Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory and its Diophantine
 Consequences" (in Japanese) by Go Yamashita

・Latest version of lecture notes (updated 2014-11) on inter-universal Teichmuller theory

Announcement for a workshop to be held at RIMS during the period March 09~20, 2015 on IUTeich
 (in Japanese); we plan to publish the proceedings (in English) in the RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu series.