Promenade in Inter-Universal Teichmüller Theory

Org.: Collas (RIMS); Dèbes, Fresse (Lille).

List of Participants

In order to ensure a cohesive and focused working group, note that participation is restricted to a limited number of participants, and that registration is done by invitation only.

  • Seguin Béranger, Lille University, FR;
  • Niels Borne, Lille University, FR;
  • Raf Cluckers, CNRS Lille University, FR & KU Leuven, BR;
  • Benjamin Collas, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  • Weronika Czerniawska, University of Geneva, CH;
  • Jamshid Derakhshan, University of Oxford, UK;
  • Pierre Dèbes, Lille University, FR;
  • Ivan Fesenko, Nottingham University, UK;
  • Benoit Fresse, Lille University, FR;
  • Yuta Hatasa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  • Julien Hauseux, Lille University, FR;
  • Watanabe Hiroyuki, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  • Yuichiro Hoshi, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  • Angelo Iadarola, Lille University, FR;
  • Shun Ishii, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  • Fumiharu Kato, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  • Qing Liu, Bordeaux University, FR;
  • Arata Minamide, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  • Shinichi Mochizuki, RIMS - Kyoto, JP;
  • Katharina Müller, University Göttingen, DE;
  • Wojciech Porowski, Nottingham University, UK;
  • Lorenzo Ramero, Lille University, FR;
  1. Koichiro Sawada, Osaka University, JP;
  2. Ryoji Shimizu, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  3. Masatoshi Suzuki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  4. Christian Tafula Santos, Université de Montréal, CA;
  5. Yuichiro Taguchi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  6. Shota Tsujimura, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  7. Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  8. Naganori Yamaguchi, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  9. Yu Yang, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;
  10. Seidai Yasuda, Osaka University, JP;
  11. Yu Yasufuku, Nihon University, JP;
  12. Shigetoshi Yokoyama, Gunma University, JP;
  13. Harumichi Yoshiura, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  14. Takao Yuyama, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP;
  15. Mou Zhuoqun, RIMS - Kyoto University, JP;

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