Japanese-French Symposium
  Algebraic, Analytic and Geometric Aspects
of Complex Differential Equations and
their Deformations. Painlevé Hierarchies  
May 15 (Mon) -- May 20 (Sat), 2006
Lecture Hall (Room No. 420) of RIMS, Kyoto University

Invited Speakers :
Y. André (ENS), P. Boalch (ENS),
M. Brunella (Dijon), R. Conte (CEA-Saclay),
D. Guzzetti (RIMS, Kyoto), N. Honda (Hokkaido),
K. Iwasaki (Kyushu), K. Kajiwara (Kyushu),
T. Koike (Kyoto), F. Loray (Rennes),
B. Malgrange (Grenoble), T. Masuda (Kobe),
T. Morimoto (Nara), Y. Ohyama (Osaka),
H. Sakai (Tokyo), J. Sauloy (Toulouse),
D. Sauzin (IMCCE), R. Schäfke (Strasbourg),
S. Shimomura (Keio, Yokohama), Y. Takei (RIMS, Kyoto),
T. Tsuda (Kobe), Y. Yamada (Kobe)

Scientific Committee :
(French side)   D. Bertrand (Paris VI), R. Conte (Saclay),
  F. Loray (Rennes), B. Malgrange (Grenoble), J.-P. Ramis (Toulouse),
  C. Sabbah (Ecole Polytechnique), R. Schäfke (Strasbourg)
(Japanese side)   T. Aoki (Kinki, Osaka), K. Iwasaki (Kyushu),
  M. Jimbo (Tokyo), T. Kawai (RIMS, Kyoto), M. Noumi (Kobe),
  S. Shimomura (Keio, Yokohama), K. Takano (Kobe),
  Y. Takei (RIMS, Kyoto), H. Umemura (Nagoya)

Organizers :
J.-P. Ramis (Toulouse, organizer-in-chief),
Y. Takei (RIMS, Kyoto, organizer-in-chief),
T. Aoki (Kinki, Osaka), T. Kawai (RIMS, Kyoto), T. Koike (Kyoto)
    Contact: Y. Takei, takei@kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp

This symposium is sponsored by JSPS and CNRS under Japan-France Research Cooperative Program, the "Galois" Project of the French ANR, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and Kyoto University 21st Century COE Program.

May 15, Monday
10:00 -- 11:00 Bernard Malgrange (Inst. Fourier, Grenoble)
Moving frames and foliations
11:15 -- 12:15 Frank Loray (Univ. de Rennes)
Isomonodromic deformation of Lamé connections
14:00 -- 15:00 Yves André (Ecole Normale Superieure)
Formal structure of meromorphic connections in several variables
15:15 -- 16:15 Yousuke Ohyama (Osaka Univ.)
On R. Fuchs' problem and linear monodromy
16:30 -- 17:30 Shun Shimomura (Keio Univ., Yokohama)
Family of solutions of a Garnier system
May 16, Tuesday
9:30 -- 10:30 Kenji Kajiwara (Kyushu Univ.)
Hypergeometric solutions to the q-Painlevé equation of type (A_1+A_1')^{(1)}
10:45 -- 11:45 Davide Guzzetti (RIMS, Kyoto Univ.)
A matching procedure for the sixth Painlevé equation
13:30 -- 14:30 Reinhard Schäfke (Univ. L. Pasteur, Strasbourg)
Monomial summability
14:45 -- 15:45 Naofumi Honda (Hokkaido Univ.)
On the Stokes geometry of Noumi-Yamada systems
16:15 -- 17:15 Tatsuya Koike (Kyoto Univ.)
On the Hamiltonian representation of the second and fourth Painlevé hierarchies
May 17, Wednesday
9:30 -- 10:30 Robert Conte (CEA-Saclay)
On the Lax pairs of the sixth Painlevé equation
10:45 -- 11:45 Katsunori Iwasaki (Kyushu Univ.)
An ergodic study of Painlevé VI (joint work with T. Uehara)
( Free afternoon )
18:30 -- Reception**
May 18, Thursday
9:30 -- 10:30 Tohru Morimoto (Nara Women's Univ.)
Representations of Lie algebras and systems of partial differential equations in the framework of nilpotent analysis
10:45 -- 11:45 Marco Brunella (Inst. de Bourgogne, Dijon)
Leaves of singular foliations by curves
13:30 -- 14:30 Jacques Sauloy (Univ. P. Sabatier, Toulouse)
The q-analogue of the wild fundamental group (joint work with J.-P. Ramis)
14:45 -- 15:45 Teruhisa Tsuda (Kobe Univ.)
Universal character and q-Painlevé equations
16:15 -- Poster session* (I)
May 19, Friday
9:30 -- 10:30 Tetsu Masuda (Kobe Univ.)
The anti-self-dual Yang-Mills equation and the third Painlevé equation
10:45 -- 11:45 Philip Boalch (Ecole Normale Superieure)
Towards a nonlinear Schwarz list
13:30 -- 14:30 Yasuhiko Yamada (Kobe Univ.)
From symmetry to Painlevé type equations
14:45 -- 15:45 Hidetaka Sakai (Univ. of Tokyo)
Lax form of q-Painlevé equation associated to A_2^{(1)}-surface
16:15 -- Poster session* (II)
May 20, Saturday
9:30 -- 10:30 David Sauzin (Institut de Mécanique Céleste)
Resurgence of parabolic curves in \mathbb{C}^2
10:45 -- 11:45 Yoshitsugu Takei (RIMS, Kyoto Univ.)
Toward the exact WKB analysis for instanton-type solutions of Painlevé hierarchies

Morning Afternoon
Mon. B. Malgrange F. Loray Y. André Y. Ohyama S. Shimomura
Tue. K. Kajiwara D. Guzzetti R. Schäfke N. Honda T. Koike
Wed. R. Conte K. Iwasaki (Free afternoon & Reception**   in the evening)
Thu. T. Morimoto M. Brunella J. Sauloy T. Tsuda (Poster session*)
Fri. T. Masuda P. Boalch Y. Yamada H. Sakai (Poster session*)
Sat. D. Sauzin Y. Takei

(*)   Participants of Poster sessions (to be held at the lobby of RIMS)
S. Ajisaka (Waseda) : Method of asymptotics beyond all orders and restriction on maps
K. Kaneko (Osaka) : Sixth Painleve transcendents which are meromorphic around a fixed singularity
S. Okumura (Osaka) : Symmetric solutions of the Painlevé equations and mod three reduction
E. Paul (Toulouse) : Galoisian integrability of a germ of quasi-homogeneous foliation
Y. Sasaki (Kyushu) : Value distribution of the Painlevé transcendents in sectorial domains
T. Suzuki (Kobe) : The sixth Painlevé equation arising from D_4^(1) hierarchy
M. Yoshino (Hiroshima) : PDE with resonances and small denominators

(**)   The Reception on May 17 (Wed) will be held from 18:30 at the ``International Conference Hall III'' on the second floor of the Clock Tower of Kyoto University (Participation fee: about 5,000 Japanese yen). If you would like to participate, would you please let us know it by sending an e-mail to T. Koike (koike@math.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

List of Participants
  1. ADACHI, Shingo (Kyoto University)
  2. AJISAKA, Shigeru (Waseda University)
  3. ANDRÉ, Yves (École Normale Supérieure)
  4. AOKI, Takashi (Kinki University)
  5. BOALCH, Philip (École Normale Supérieure)
  6. BRUNELLA, Marco (Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne, Dijon)
  7. CANALIS-DURAND, Mireille (Université Paul Cézanne, Aix-Marseille)
  8. CONTE, Robert (CEA Saclay)
  9. FILIPUK, Galina (Kumamoto University)
  10. FIOROT, Luisa (Universitá degli Studi di Padova)
  11. FUJITA, Keiko (Saga University)
  12. GRANIER, Anne (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
  13. GUZZETTI, Davide (RIMS, Kyoto University)
  14. HARAOKA, Yoshishige (Kumamoto University)
  15. HONDA, Naofumi (Hokkaido University)
  16. ICHINOSE, Takashi (Kanazawa University)
  17. INABA, Michiaki (Kyoto University)
  18. ITO, Hidekazu (Kanazawa University)
  19. ITO, Yoshifumi (Tokushima University)
  20. IWASAKI, Katsunori (Kyushu University)
  21. JIMBO, Michio (University of Tokyo)
  22. KAJIWARA, Kenji (Kyushu University)
  23. KAKEHI, Saburo (Rikkyo University)
  24. KANEKO, Akira (Ochanomizu Women's University)
  25. KANEKO, Kazuo (Osaka University)
  26. KAWAI, Shingo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  27. KAWAI, Takahiro (RIMS, Kyoto University)
  28. KAWAMUKO, Hiroyuki (Mie University)
  29. KIMURA, Hironobu (Kumamoto University)
  30. KOBAYASHI, Takao (Tokyo University of Science)
  31. KOIKE, Tatsuya (Kyoto University)
  32. KOKUBU, Hiroshi (Kyoto University)
  33. LODAY-RICHAUD, Michéle (Université d'Angers)
  34. LORAY, Frank (Université de Rennes)
  35. MALGRANGE, Bernard (Université JosephFourier, Grenoble)
  36. MANO, Toshiyuki (Kyoto University)
  37. MARUYAMA, Fumitsuna (Toyo University)
  38. MASUDA, Tetsu (Kobe university)
  39. MATSUDA, Kazuhide (Osaka University)
  40. MATSUMIYA, Atsushi (Akashi National College of Technology)
  41. MITSCHI, Claude (IRMA, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg)
  42. MIYAMOTO, Tadashi (Keio University)
  43. MORIKAWA, Shuji (Nagoya University)
  44. MORIMOTO, Tohru (Nara Women's University)
  45. NAKANO, Minoru (Keio University)
  46. NOUMI, Masatoshi (Kobe University)
  47. OHYA, Yujiro (Kyoto University)
  48. OHYAMA, Yousuke (Osaka University)
  49. OKUMURA, Shoji (Osaka University)
  50. PAUL, Emmanuel (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
  51. RAMIS, Jean-Pierre (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
  52. SAHADEVAN, Ramajayam (Madras University)
  53. SAITO, Kyoji (RIMS, Kyoto University)
  54. SAITO, Masa-Hiko (Kobe university)
  55. SAITOH, Ikuo (Future University - Hakodate)
  56. SAKAI, Hidetaka (University of Tokyo)
  57. SASAKI, Yoshikatsu (Kyushu University)
  58. SAULOY, Jacques (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
  59. SAUZIN, David (Institut de Mécanique Céleste, Paris)
  60. SCHÄFKE, Reinhard (IRMA, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg)
  61. SHIMOMURA, Shun (Keio University)
  62. SUGAWA, Toshiyuki (Hiroshima University)
  63. SUZUKI, Norio (Kitami Institute of Technology)
  64. SUZUKI, Takao (Kobe University)
  65. TAJIMA, Shinichi (Niigata University)
  66. TAKANO, Kyoichi (Kobe University)
  67. TAKEI, Yoshitsugu (RIMS, Kyoto University)
  68. TERASHIMA, Hitomi (RIMS, Kyoto University)
  69. TODA, Kouichi (Toyama Prefectural University)
  70. TSUDA, Teruhisa (Kobe university)
  71. TSUJIMOTO, Satoshi (Kyoto University)
  72. UCHIDA, Motoo (Osaka University)
  73. UEHARA, Takato (Kyushu University)
  74. UMEMURA, Hiroshi (Nagoya University)
  75. USHIKI, Shigehiro (Kyoto University)
  76. VALÈRE, Liane (Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)
  77. WAKAKO, Hideaki (RIMS, Kyoto University)
  78. WATANABE, Takanobu (Kyoto University)
  79. YAMADA, Yasuhiko (Kobe university)
  80. YAMANE, Hideshi (Kwansei Gakuin University)
  81. YOSHINO, Masafumi (Hiroshima University)


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