RIMS Kôkyûroku
Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics
RIMS 共同研究(公開型)
井口 達雄
Tatsuo Iguchi
目 次
1. Sobolev stability of shear boundary layers for the steady Navier-Stokes equations (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---1
    京都大学数学教室   前川 泰則  (Maekawa,Yasunori )
2. Global solutions to the Boltzmann equation near equilibrium in the Besov spaces (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---14
    東北大学   坂本 祥太  (Sakamoto,Shota)
3. Green's function of compressible Navier-Stokes around a hyperbolic contact discontinuity (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---32
    Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore   Yu,Shih-Hsien
4. Analysis of non-stationary Navier-Stokes equations approximated by the pressure stabilization method (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---46
    筑波大学   久保 隆徹  (Kubo,Takayuki)
5. On the solvability of some inhomogeneous incompressible flow with free interface (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---69
    東京理科大学 / 早稲田大学 / 早稲田大学   齋藤 平和 / 柴田 良弘 / Zhang Xin  (Saito,Hirokazu / Shibata,Yoshihiro / Zhang,Xin )
6. Singular vortex dynamics on filtered Euler flows (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)-------------------------------82
    北海道大学   後藤田 剛 (Gotoda,Takeshi )
7. Stability of Transonic Shock Solutions for One-Dimensional Euler-Poisson Equations (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---102
    School of mathematical Sciences, Institute of Natural Sciences, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing, and SHL-MAC, Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Xie,Chunjing
8. A new existence proof for gravity-capillary solitary water waves (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)--------------125
    FR Mathematik, Universitat des Saarlandes   Groves,Mark D.
9. $L^{q}-L^{r}$ estimate of a generalized Oseen evolution operator, with applications to the Navier-Stokes flow past a rotating obstacle (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---139
    名古屋大学   菱田 俊明 (Hishida,Toshiaki )
10. On the Mathematical Analysis of a Leapfrogging Pair of Coaxial Vortex Rings (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---153
    東京理科大学   相木 雅次  (Aiki,Masashi )
11. A finite element for Stokes with a commuting diagram (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)-------------------------172
    Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo / School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota   Christiansen,Snorre H. / Hu,Kaibo
12. Asymptotic limit of strong stratification for the 3D inviscid Boussinesq system (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---184
    九州大学   高田 了 (Takada,Ryo )
13. Viscous shock wave and singular limit for some hyperbolic system with relaxation (Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics)---200
    熊本大学 / 早稲田大学   中村 徹 / 川島 秀一 (Nakamura,Tohru / Kawashima,Shuichi )