Random Systems and Dynamical Systems
目 次
1. Similarity and Universality of Turbulence (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)--------------------------------------------------3
    Department of Physics, Kyoto University   TATSUMI,T.
2. Random Walks and Some Problems Concerning Lorentz Gas (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)--------------------------------------6
    Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Academy of Science USSR   SINAI,YA. G.
3. Random Schrodinger Operators (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)--------------------------------------------------------------18
    Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University   KOTANI,SHIN-ICHI
4. On the Structure of the Set of Gibbs States for the 2-dimensional Ising Ferromagnet (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)-------28
    Department of Mathematics, Kobe University   HIGUCHI,YASUNARI
5. Soliton Equations as Dynamical Systems on a Infinite Dimensional Grassmann Manifolds (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)------30
    RIMS, Kyoto University   SATO,MIKIO
6. On Saddle-Connection Curves of Analytic Dynamical Systems (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)---------------------------------47
    Department of Mathematics, Kyoto Uuniversity   USHIKI,SHIGEHIRO
7. Chaos in One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)------------------------------------------------54
    Department of Mathematics, Tsuda College   TANAKA,SHIGERU
8. Statistical Properties of the Forced Lorentz Chaos : Synergetic Approach to the System Identification (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)---63
    Department of Physics, Kyoto University   AIZAWA,YOJI
9. Outer Conjugacy Problem of Orbit Preserving Transformations (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)-------------------------------89
    Department of Mathematics, College of General Education, Kyushu University   HAMACHI,TOSHIHIRO
10. Recent Development of Differentiable Dynamical Systems in Japan (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)--------------------------96
    Department of Mathematics, College of General Education, Nagoya University   SHIRAIWA,KENICHI
11. The Onsager-Machlup Functions for Diffusion Processes (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)-----------------------------------118
    Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University   WATANABE,S.
12. Spitzer's Markov Chains and Non-Linear Integral Equations of the Hammerstein Type (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)-------123
    Department of Mathematics, Yoshida College, Kyoto University   MIYAMOTO,MUNEMI
13. On Some Properties of a Minimal Flow : A Topological Characterization of the Strict Ergodicity (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)---128
    Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University   ISHII,I.
14. Specification, Stability and Invariant Measure for Group Automorphisms (Random Systems and Dynamical Systems)------------------134
    Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Metropolitan University   KOMURO,MOTOMASA