KTGU-IMU Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

On occasion of visits of IMU (International Mathematical Union) Executive Committee members to Kyoto, Kyoto University Top Global University Project plans the following program:

March 28 - April 1, & April 4, 2016
RIMS Lecture Hall 420 (and others)

Special talks & panel discussions on Women in Mathematics
March 29 (Tue.)
  • Ingrid Daubechies (Duke University,IMU)
    Taking Stock

  • Shihoko Ishii (The University of Tokyo)
    Is Mathematics ``study" of ``numbers"?

  • Senjo Shimizu (Kyoto University)
    What differential equations tell us

  • Makiko Sasada (The University of Tokyo) 
    Wonders of probability and my happy life as a mathematician

  • Asuka Takatsu (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
    Feeling and Mathematics

  • Panel Discussion
    Moderator John Toland (University of Cambridge, IMU)
    Ingrid Daubechies, Jill Mesirov(UCSD), Shihoko Ishii, Senjo Shimizu, Makiko Sasada, Asuka Takatsu, Shigefumi Mori

March 30 (Wed.), 31 (Thu.) & April 1 (Fri.)
All the colloquia will be presented in Lecture Hall of RIMS

March 30
March 31
  • 14:00--15:00
    Wendelin Werner (ETH Zurich)
    Randomly exploring (random) fractals, and related questions

  • 15:30--16:30
    Alexander Mielke (WIAS Berlin)
    On a model for the evolution of microstructures in solids

  • 16:45--17:45
    Helge Holden (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
    The Camassa-Holm Equation --- A Survey

April 1
  • 09:30--10:30
    Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt University)
    Thoughts on subfactors and quantum spin chains

  • 10:45--11:45
    Ingrid Daubechies (Duke University,IMU)
    Mathematicians Helping Art Historians and Art Conservators

March 28 (Mon.), April 1 (Fri.), 4 (Mon.)
Seminars: time-table and venues to be announced
  • Vijaylaxmi Trivedi (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai)
    March 28, 17:30-18:30. @RIMS seminar room #110 (first floor)
    Hilbert-Kunz density function and Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity

  • Marcelo Viana (IMPA)
    March 28, 15:00-- @Dept. Mathematics, Bldg. No.6, #609 (理学部6号館南棟6階 609号室 )
    Lyapunov exponents of random matrices

  • John Toland (University of Cambridge)
    April 1st, 16:00--17:00. @Dept. Mathematics, #110
    The Fourier Coefficients of Stokes waves and analytic continuation to Riemann surfaces

  • Wendelin Werner (ETH Zurich)
    April 1st, 16:00-17:00. @Dept. Mathematics, Bldg. No.3, #108
    The continuous Edwards-Sokal correspondence for conformal loop ensembles

  • Alicia Dickenstein (University of Buenos Aires)
    April 4th, 13:30--15:00. @RIMS Lecture Hall (4th floor)
    Toric varieties, higher duals and lattice polytopes

  • Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt University)
    April 4th, 10:00--11:00. @Dept. Mathematics, Bldg. No.3, #127
    Thoughts on subfactors and quantum spin chains,II

  • Benedict Gross (Harvard University)
    April 4th, 11:15--12:15. @Dept. Mathematics, Bldg. No.3, #127
    The arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves

  • Vasudevan Srinivas (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
    April 4th, 15:30--16:30. @RIMS Lecture Hall (4th floor)
    Stratified vector bundles on simply connected varieties in positive characteristic

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Supported by Kyoto University Top Global University Project & RIMS.