Publications issued by the RIMS


  1. Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences is a periodical journal founded in 1964. It publishes original research papers in the mathematical sciences. Four issues of the journal comprising one volume are issued every year. The publication at present has a worldwide circulation of about 800.
  2. The RIMS has also a preprint system which started in 1964 to report promptly the studies by the RIMS members as well as the visitors.
  3. Since 1964, RIMS publishes a series called Kôkyûroku which are mostly proceedings of symposia, colloquia and workshops supported by the Institute.
  4. Since 2007, RIMS publishes a new series of Lecture Notes called 'Kôkyûroku Bessatsu', which are special issues of Kôkyûroku and are available from the Japanese bookstore, Yurinsha whose address is
     Hongo 5-28-1
    Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan
    Phone: +81 3 3814 0275
    FAX: +81 3 3814 1156