Curriculum Vitae

Nationality Japan
%Date of birth 30th November 1962
%Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Present Position Professor,
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Kyoto University
e-mail address
web page


1981--1983 University of Tokyo General Education (Science - I)
1983--1985 University of Tokyo Department of Mathematics
1985--1987 Graduate School, University of Tokyo Department of Mathematics
1991 May 27 Ph. D. in Science Graduate School of Science,
University of Tokyo

Academic Employment

1987--1992 University of Tokyo, Research Assistant
Department of Mathematics
1992--1995 Tohoku University, Assistant Professor
Mathematical Institute
1995--1997 University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Science
1997--2000 Kyoto University, Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
2000 Dec.-- Kyoto University, Professor
-- 2008 Sep. Department of Mathematics
2008 Oct.-- Kyoto University, Professor
-- 2018 Mar. (Plan) Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
2018 Apr.-- (Plan) University of Tokyo, Professor
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the universe

Ph.D. students supervised

2005 Hiroshi Iritani Kyoto Univ.
2008 Daisuke Yamakawa Kyoto Univ.
2009 Kentaro Nagao Kyoto Univ.
2012 Yoshiyuki Kimura Kyoto Univ.
2015 Jaeyoo Choy Kyoto Univ. (JSPS RONPAKU program)
2016 Yuuya Takayama Kyoto Univ.

Visiting positions

1998-99 Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, USA) Member
School of Mathematics
2002 Centre for Advanced Study (Oslo, Norway)
2007-08 Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, USA) Member
School of Mathematics


1997 The geometry Prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan
2000 The spring Prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan
2003 American Mathematical Society, Cole Prize in Algebra
2006 JSPS prize
2014 Japan Academy Prize
2016 Asahi Prize


2002 ICM 2002 Beijing Plenary address
2010 Hardy Lectureship, London Mathematical Society

Current area of mathematical interest and research

Representation Theory, Geometry


2001 May--2010 Dec. Advances in Mathematics
2005 Jan.--2010 Dec. Transformation Groups
2005 Jan.-- 2009 Jan. Representation Theory
2005 May -- Duke Mathematical Journal
2011 Jan. -- Les Publications Math\'ematiques de l'IH\'ES


2004 Apr. -- 2005 Mar. chairperson of Math. Dept.
2009 Apr. -- 2013 Mar. The chief of the library at RIMS
2010 Apr. -- 2011 Mar. chairperson of Graduate School, Mathematics Sciences Course
2017 Apr. -- 2018 Mar. chairperson of Graduate School, Mathematics Sciences Course

List of Publications


  1. Hisenkeimondai to Fukusokika (in Japanese), Iwanami Shoten, 1999.
  2. Lectures on Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces, AMS Univ. Lecture Series, 1999


  1. Compactness of the moduli space of the Yang-Mills connections in higher dimensions, J. Math. Soc. Japan 40 (1988), 383--392.
    Motivated by Professor Yukio Matsumoto's lectures on the famous paper by Donaldson, I applied the technique of Schoen's paper, which I had studied in seminars, to Yang-Mills connections. I submit the result as a report for Matsumoto's lectures. Then my supervisor Professor Takushiro Ochiai suggested me to write it as a research paper. This is the paper. It is natural that many analytical results are obtained in parallel for harmonic maps and Yang-Mills connections. This result was known in particular to Uhlenbeck, and in fact there was a written manuscript on it by her, as I knew when I met her later.
    Later Tian wrote a paper analyzing structures of singular sets.
  2. Removable singularities for Yang-Mills connections in higher dimensions, J. Fac. Sci. Univ. Tokyo 34 (1987), 299--207. Link to Univ. of Tokyo Repository.
  3. Hausdorff convergence of Einstein 4-manifolds, J. Fac. Sci. Univ. Tokyo 35 (1988), 411--424. Link to Univ. of Tokyo Repository.
  4. On a construction of coordinates at infinity on manifolds with fast curvature decay and maximal volume growth (with S.Bando and A.Kasue), Invent. Math. 97 (1989), 313--349.
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  6. Yang-Mills connections and Einstein-Hermitian metrics (with M.Itoh), in K\"ahler metrics and Moduli Spaces, Advanced Studies in Pure Math. 18-II (1990), 395--457.
  7. Yau no trick (in Japanese), Suugaku 41 (1989), 253--258.
  8. Moduli spaces of anti-self-dual connections on ALE gravitational instantons, Invent. Math. 102 (1990), 267--303.
  9. Einstein-Hermitian connections on hyper-K\"ahler quotients (with T.Gocho), J. Math. Soc. Japan 44 (1992), 43--51.
  10. Yang-Mills instantons on ALE gravitational instantons (with P.B.Kronheimer), Math. Ann. 288 (1990), 263--307.
  11. Monopoles and Nahm's equations, in Einstein metrics and Yang-Mills connections, (1993) eds. Mabuchi, Mukai, Marcel Dekker, 193--211. pdf.
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  14. Instantons on ALE spaces, quiver varieties, and Kac-Moody algebras, Duke Math. 76 (1994) 365--416.
  15. Resolutions of moduli spaces of ideal instantons on $\mathbb R^4$, in Topology, Geometry and Field Theory, World Scientific (1994) 129--136.
  16. Gauge theory on resolution of simple singularities and simple Lie algebras, Inter. Math. Res. Notices, 2 (1994) 61--74.
  17. A convergence theorem for Einstein metrics and the ALE spaces (translation of 12), Amer. Math. Soc. Transl. 160 (1994) 79--94. preprint version. (Figures are the same as Japansese version [12], which can be found at J-Stage.)
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  22. Heisenberg Algebra and Hilbert Schemes of Points on Projective Surfaces, Ann. of Math. 145, (1997) 379--388. Preprint version. alg-geom/9507012.
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  23. Instantons and affine Lie algebras, in $S$-duality and mirror symmetry, Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 46 (1996) 154--161. Preprint version. alg-geom/9510003.
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  25. McKay correspondence and Hilbert schemes in dimension three (with Yukari Ito), Topology 39 (2000), 1155--1191. Link to Topology. Preprint version. math.AG/9803120.
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    After we had finished [46], [50], we glanced at Takuro Mochizuki's book and found that the same argument for a gauge theory with matter should show Witten's conjecture. It was at G\"ottsche's house at Trieste. Since we had developed the theory of perverse coherent sheaves on blowup to cover the gauge theory with matters, we started to consider. Before completing the calculation, I gave a talk at Univ. of Tokyo in December. We found that we overlooked resider at one of poles just one week before the talk. I reflected on my rush giving a talk before finishing the work, though Yoshioka warned me that it is not yet completed. Later we found that the pole plays an important role.
  59. Handsaw quiver varieties and finite W-algebras, Moscow Mathematical Journal, 12 (2012), No.3, 633--666. Link to Online Journal, arXiv:1107.5073.
    Since no volunteer gave talks in my postdoc seminars, I gave lectures on [BFFR] about finite W-algebras and Laumon spaces via handsaw quiver varieties. On the way, I found that I do not like the integral form in [BFFR]. Therefore I changed it and used the new one to prove character formulae for irreducible representations of W-algebras.
    After posting the paper to arXiv, Losev pointed out that character formulas were proved earlier to him. So I refered his paper in ver.2. But my argument proved Kazhdan-Lusztig conjecture for type A independently, while Losev reduced the problem to KL conjecture. In this sense, the proof is completely different.
  60. Quiver varieties and tensor products, II, in "Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations", Springer Proceedings in Mathematics \& Statistics Volume 40, 2013, pp 403--428. Link to Online Journal, arXiv:1207.0529.
    The problem to understand tensor product in terms of quiver varieties has been with me since I had written [30]. In [30], I had used an algebraic definition to understand the tensor product when quiver is of finite type. The paper on stable envelop by Maulik-Okounkov gave a complete geometric understanding of the tensor product. In this paper I gave a framework to understand the stable envelop in perverse sheaves.
  61. Refined Chern-Simons theory and Hilbert schemes of points on the plane, in 'Perspectives in Representation Theory', Contemporary Math., Volume 610, AMS, 2014, 305--331. preprint version, arXiv:1211.5821.
    The result has been known for many years before I decided to write it.
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    At the workshop "Warwick EPSRC Symposium: McKay correspondence, Orbifolds, Quivers'' on 2014 Sep., I heard a talk by Hanany on monopole formulas. Then I started to look for a definition of Coulomb branches to recover the formula. I first thought that the formula looks similar to the calculation of refined Donaldson-Thomas invariants of conifold by Nagao et al., hence I tried its generalization. But I realized that the use of the Chern-Simons functional gives rise a natural framework.
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