Intelligence of Low-dimensional Topology

Dates: May 21, 2014 (Wed) - May 23, 2014 (Fri)
Place: Rm 420, RIMS, Kyoto University (How to get there)

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Problems on Low-dimensional Topology 2014 (tentative version)


PDF version of Program with Abstracts

May 21 (Wed)

13:20--14:10  Takuji Nakamura (Facaulty of Engineering, Osaka Electro-Communication University)
The state numbers of a knot

14:30--15:20  Yasushi Mizusawa (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Teruhisa Kadokami (East China Normal University)
Iwasawa invariants of links

15:40--16:30  Shinya Harada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Hasse-Weil zeta functions of SL_2-character varieties of 3-manifolds

May 22 (Thu)

10:00--10:50  Takahiro Matsushita (Graduate School of Mathematical Science, University of Tokyo)
The topologies of box complexes and the chromatic numbers of graphs

11:10--12:00  Hwa Jeong Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
On the arc index of knots and links

13:20--14:10  Takashi Hara (Tokyo Denki University)
Concerning actions of 3-manifold groups: from topological and arithmetic viewpoints

14:30--15:20  Hidekazu Furusho (Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University)
Galois action on knots

15:40--         Problem Session

May 23 (Fri)

10:00--10:50  Victoria Lebed (Osaka City University / JSPS)
Knotted 3-valent graphs, branched braids, and multiplication-conjugation relations in a group

11:10--12:00  Arnaud Mortier (Osaka City University)
Finite-type 1-cocycles of knots

13:20--14:10  Migiwa Sakurai (Ibaraki National College of Technology)
A polynomial invariant and the forbidden move of virtual knots

14:30--15:20  Tatsuro Shimizu (RIMS, Kyoto University)
An alternative construction of Kontsevich-Kuperberg-Thurston's universal finite type invariant of homology 3-spheres

Scientific Committee: Akio Kawauchi, Toshitake Kohno, Taizo Kanenobu, Seiichi Kamada, Tomotada Ohtsuki
Organizers: Tomotada Ohtsuki (RIMS, Kyoto University), Takahiro Kitayama (Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Institute of Technology)