RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu , Vol. B37  
1. On the number of the turning points of the second kind of the Noumi-Yamada systems with a large parameter (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---1
    Department of Mathematics, Kinki University / Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Faculty of Science / Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Faculty of Science   AOKI,TAKASHI / HONDA,NAOFUMI / UMETA,YOKO
2. Semiclassical complex interactions at a non-analytic turning point (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)------------------31
    Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Hyogo / Universite de Mostaganem, Departement de Mathematiques / Dipartamento di Mathematica, Universita di Bologna   FUJIIE,SETSURO / LAHMAR-BENBERNOU,AMINA / MARTINEZ,ANDRE
3. On algebraic solutions to Painleve VI (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)-----------------------------------------------49
    Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University   IWASAKI,KATSUNORI
4. Isolated periodic solutions to Painleve VI equation (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---------------------------------69
    Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University / Department of Information Engineering, Niigata University   IWASAKI,KATSUNORI / UEHARA,TAKATO
5. On the composition of kernel functions of pseudo-differential operators and the compatibility with Leibniz rule (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---81
    Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo / Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo   KAMIMOTO,SHINGO / KATAOKA,KIYOOMI
6. On algebraic solutions of $G(3,2)$ and $G(5/2,1,1)$ (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---------------------------------99
    Mie University   KAWAMUKO,HIROYUKI
7. Phase space Feynman path integrals via piecewise bicharacteristic paths and their semiclassical approximations (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---113
    Division of Liberal Arts, Kogakuin University / Department of Mathematics, Gakushuin University   KUMANO-GO,NAOTO / FUJIWARA,DAISUKE
8. Two proofs for the convergence of formal solutions of singular first order nonlinear partial differential equations in complex domain (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---137
    Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University / Department of Education, Sugiyama Jogakuen University   MIYAKE,MASATAKE / SHIRAI,AKIRA
9. A stratified Whitney jet and a tempered-stratified ultradistribution (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---------------153
    Dipartimento di Mathematica Pura ed Applicate, Universita di Padova / Faculty of Science, Hokkaido Univ.   MORANDO,GIOVANNI / HONDA,NAOFUMI
10. Classification of Fuchsian systems and their connection problem (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)-------------------163
    Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo   OSHIMA,TOSHIO
11. Coupling of two singular partial differential equations and its application (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)-------193
    Department of Mathematics, Sophia University   TAHARA,HIDETOSHI
12. Nonlinear partial differential equations and logarithmic singularities (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)------------203
    Department of Mathematics, Sophia University / Department of Physics, Kwansei Gakuin University   TAHARA,HIDETOSHI / YAMANE,HIDESHI
13. On the role of the degenerate third Painleve equation of type $(D8)$ in the exact WKB analysis (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---211
    Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University   TAKEI,YOSHITSUGU
14. On generating functions for certain sums of multiple zeta values and a formula of S. Zlobin (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---223
    Department of Mathematics, Kinki University   WAKABAYASHI,NORIKO
15. Gevrey class or ultradistribution solutions to Cauchy and boundary value problems for systems with irregularities (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)---231
    Department of General Education, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University   YAMAZAKI,SUSUMU
16. Asymptotic analysis to Goursat problems (Exact WKB Analysis and Microlocal Analysis)-------------------------------------------247
    Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University   YOSHINO,MASAFUMI