RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu , Vol. B46  
1. Shift Radix Systems : A Survey (Numeration and Substitution 2012)-----------------------------------------------------------------1
    Chair of Mathematics and Statistics, Montanuniversitat Leoben / Chair of Mathematics and Statistics, Montanuniversitat Leoben   KIRSCHENHOFER,Peter / THUSWALDNER,Jorg M.
2. Interval exchange maps and their Diophantine conditions (Numeration and Substitution 2012)---------------------------------------61
    Department of Mathematics Education, Dongguk University-Seoul   KIM,Dong Han
3. Beyond substitutive dynamical systems : $S$-adic expansions (Numeration and Substitution 2012)-----------------------------------81
    LIAFA, Universite Paris Diderot Paris 7 / IMJ, Universite Paris Diderot Paris 7   BERTHE,Valerie / DELECROIX,Vincent
4. Dual Systems of algebraic iterated function systems, Rauzy fractals and $\beta$-tilings (Numeration and Substitution 2012)------125
    Department of Mathematics, Hua Zhong Normal University   RAO,HUI
5. Generalized rounding radix systems and simultaneous radix systems (Numeration and Substitution 2012)----------------------------149
    Eotvos Lorand University   BURCSI,Peter
6. Fully Subtractive Algorithm, Tribonacci numeration and connectedness of discrete planes (Numeration and Substitution 2012)------159
    CNRS, Liafa-UMR 7089 / CNRS, Loria-UMR 7503 / Universite de Lorraine, Loria-UMR 7503 / Universite de Savoie, Lama-UMR 5127   BERTHE,Valerie / DOMENJOUD,Eric / JAMET,Damien / PROVENCAL,Xavier
7. Applications of numerical systems to transcendental number theory (Numeration and Substitution 2012)----------------------------175
    Department of Mathematics, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University   Kaneko,Hajime
8. Explicit formulae for sums of products of Cauchy numbers including poly-Cauchy numbers (Numeration and Substitution 2012)-------187
    Graduate School of Science and Technology, Hirosaki University   KOMATSU,Takao
9. Number System Constructions with Block Diagonal Bases (Numeration and Substitution 2012)----------------------------------------205
    Eotvos Lorand University   KOVACS,ATTILA
10. Diophantine approximation and expansions of real numbers (Numeration and Substitution 2012)------------------------------------215
    Univ. Lille1   QUEFFELEC,MARTINE
11. Structure of Classes of Circular Words defined by a Quadratic Equivalence (Numeration and Substitution 2012)-------------------231
    Universite Paris-13, Sorbonne Paris Cite, LAGA, CNRS, UMR 7539   RITTAUD,Benoit
12. Renyi-Parry germs of curves and dynamical zeta functions associated with real algebraic numbers (Numeration and Substitution 2012)---241
    Institut Fourier, Universite Joseph Fourier Grenoble I   VERGER-GAUGRY,Jean-Louis