RIMS International Project Research 2008

Workshop : "On the Resolution of Singularities"
    Period : 5 days from December 1 through 5, 2008
    Place : RIMS, Kyoto University, Japan.

    Last updated: 2 February 2009
    The aim of the workshop is to review recent advances in the resolution of singularities of algebraic varieties with special emphasis on the positive characteristic case. After many years of slow progress, this is now a rapidly developing area with several promising new approaches. Our aim is to keep the program flexible, in order to give the maximum opportunity to discuss and explore new developments. We expect a joint effort to understand characteristic p, and that the purpose is not that everybody exposes his/her own results.

Planned sessions :

  1. Resolution in characteristic 0, (review and basic algorithm, in preparation for the next topic).
  2. Resolution in characteristic p. The existing approaches will be presented and working sessions on available general proofs (if any) will be planned.
  3. There will be supplementary lectures on special topics as the need arises.

Scientific Committee

  • Herwig Hauser,
  • J\'anos Koll\'ar,
  • Shigefumi Mori (Chair),
  • Bernard Teissier.

Confirmed participants / speakers as of April 28, 2008.

  • Shreeram S. Abhyankar,
  • Dan Abramovich,
  • Edward Bierstone,
  • Ana Maria Bravo,
  • Vincent Cossart,
  • Steven Dale Cutkosky,
  • Santiago Encinas,
  • Heisuke Hironaka,
  • Hiraku Kawanoue,
  • Kenji Matsuki,
  • Pierre D. Milman,
  • Mircea Mustata,
  • Olivier Piltant,
  • Josef Schicho,
  • Orlando Villamayor,
  • Jarek Wlodarczyk.


For enquiries, please contact
Ms. Kazuko Suenaga < SingRIMS08 [at] kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp >.