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Guidelines for RIMS Joint Research Activities

July 20, 2020

The Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) has developed the following guidelines for meetings (workshops, symposia and seminars) hosted as part of its Joint Research Activities. Possible formats of each meeting depend on Kyoto University's Level of Activity Restriction, whose latest status can be found here:

i) When the Level of Activity Restriction is 2− or higher, the meeting shall be either canceled, postponed to a later date in the same academic year, or held entirely online using Zoom.

ii) When the Level of Activity Restriction is 1, we recommend an online meeting using Zoom, but if the organizer (principal researcher) sees fit, a (partly) physical meeting is also possible with capacity restrictions and adequate hygiene measures (details to be announced).
* Detailed information on hybrid (online and physical) meetings at RIMS will be announced later.

iii) When the Level of Activity Restriction is 0, the meeting takes place physically as usual.

Our staff will ask the organizer of each meeting to decide, at least one month prior to the scheduled start date, whether and in which format the meeting shall take place.

Our infection prevention measures

  • ** In our buildings **
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the building entrance, at the doors of seminar rooms, and near shared equipment. Our staff clean room equipment (desks, chairs, audio/video devices, door knobs, etc.) daily. The capacities of seminar rooms are reduced so that sufficient distance among participants can be maintained. Doors and windows are regularly held open for increased ventilation. To further reduce the risk, we ask participants to follow some restrictions on the usage of shared equipment and areas within the building.

  • ** Guidelines for RIMS meetings (Joint Research Activities) **
  • Daily temperature check for participants is conducted, and those in doubt of a symptom are asked not to attend the meeting physically. Note that under our health policy, persons with some typical symptoms (continued cough, fatigue or temperature 1 °C higher than normal) are not allowed in the building.

    Participants are encouraged to wash hands frequently, wear a mask, and keep distance of two meters from each other. No beverage or snacks should be served in meetings. We provide as large rooms as possible for meetings hosted at RIMS. Participants from regions under mobility restrictions by authorities are asked to refrain from in-person attendance.

Guide to organizing an online event using Zoom

"Organizer's guide to holding a RIMS meeting online" will be available soon.

Guide to organizing a hybrid (physical and online) meeting at RIMS

An organizer's guide for hybrid meetings will be available soon.


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