Overview of International Joint Usage / Research Center

Since its establishment, RIMS has served the purpose of accelerating research in the mathematical sciences. In 2010, RIMS was certified as a Joint Usage / Research Center by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), providing researchers in the mathematical sciences with various opportunities for undertaking joint research projects. In November 2018, RIMS was certified as an International Joint Usage / Research Center by MEXT, making it an international hub for other research institutes inside and outside Japan, with the aim of leading international joint research activities and strengthening the research ability of domestic researchers. RIMS implements five types of joint research activity as an International Joint Usage / Research Center, which are provided in combination with any of the following programs

RIMS Workshops (Type A,B,C)
RIMS Symposia
RIMS Satellite Seminars
RIMS Review Seminars
RIMS Long-Term Researchers(only domestic)
and "RIMS Research Projects"

In RIMS Research Projects, leading researchers from abroad stay at RIMS to conduct research activities for a medium- to long-term duration. These programs aim to promote international collaborative research activities and the development of young researchers. RIMS publicly solicits proposals for joint research activities from inside and outside Japan once a year or throughout the year depending on the types of program. Joint research activities proposed are examined and approved by the Technical Committee and the Advisory Board. RIMS may designate some urgent and important projects as special projects to expedite their efficient implementation.

Operational Organizations

The Advisory Board discusses important matters relating to the implementation of Joint Research Activities, at the request of the Director of RIMS. The Technical Committee examines publicly solicited proposals for Joint Research Activities, at the request of the Director. Both committees are comprised of RIMS faculty, persons who were appointed by the Director from within Kyoto University, and internal and external specialists recommended by specialty committees of the Science Council of Japan and appointed by the RIMS Director. A majority of these committee members are specialists from outside the University. RIMS also appoints International Advisors who have a broad view and high insight into mathematics and the mathematical sciences. They provide advice concerning the organization of RIMS.


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