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RIMS Research Projects

An international joint research program implemented in combination with any of the several types of joint research activities described below. Leading researchers in their respective fields are invited and stay at RIMS for a medium to long-term, working on specific research subjects for a period of several months to one year. RIMS chooses and implements more than one project under this RIMS Research Project each academic year. Call for proposal is published in around June each academic year for projects to be implemented two years later. Each applicant should organize an organizing committee comprising several members to submit an application. Projects under this RIMS Research Project are implemented to develop researchers who will lead research projects in the fields of mathematics and mathematical sciences in the future. The applicant may recommend young researchers who participate, in cooperation with leading researchers, in planning, drawing and implementing international research projects as "RIMS Project Fellows."

Financial support

Expenses directly related to the Research Project (for example, travel expenses for transportation fees between the home country and Japan, transportation fees in Japan, accommodation fees, and per diem can be paid to invited overseas researchers) will be covered by RIMS up to 5,000,000 Japanese yen in accordance with the regulations of Kyoto University .

* Access (domestic travel expenses)

Screening process

The Advisory Board of RIMS will select the proposal(s) to be adopted from among the submitted proposals, and approve three to seven organizing committee members in total, including at least one Advisory Board member.

Available facilities

Seminar rooms used for joint research activities are available on the following page..
Seminar rooms and facilities for joint research

COVID-19 updates for organizers and participants

Guidelines for RIMS Joint Research Activities

For Principal Researcher Guidline are available on the following page.

for Principal Researcher

Guidelines and Application form (RIMS Research Projects)

  International Call
for proposals
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deadline: Aug.31.2021(JST)
Web Submission URL
Guidelines for Grant Proposal PDF  
Application form for proposal PDF WORD
Guidelines for Recommendation for RIMS Project Fellow PDF  
Recommendation form for RIMS Project Fellow PDF WORD


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