Kyoji Saito (齋藤 恭司)

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Kyoto University
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8502 JAPAN



Recent Publications

  1. Growth functions for Artin monoids [09/3/10]
    ps.gz [418KB] | pdf [185KB]

  2. Growth series for Artin monoids of finite type [08/6/26]
    ps.gz [125KB] | pdf [94KB]

  3. Towards a Categorical Construction of Lie Algebras [08/2/13]
    ps.gz [1.5MKB] | pdf [646KB]

  4. Limit Elements in the Configuration Algebra for a Discrete Group [07/8/14]
    ps.gz [1.4MKB] | pdf [438KB]

  5. Principal \Gamma-cone for a tree [05/10/31]
    ps.gz [136KB] | pdf [274KB]

  6. Semi-algebraic geometry of braid groups [05/2/14]
    ps.gz [322KB] | pdf [34MKB]

  7. Polyhedra Dual to the Weyl Chamber Decomposition: A Précis [04/10/4]
    ps.gz [256KB] | pdf [491KB]

  8. Primitive Automorphic Forms [03/5/6]
    ps.gz [203KB] | pdf [259KB]

  9. Uniformization of the orbifold for a finite reflection group [03/6/30]
    ps.gz [317KB] | pdf [28MB]

  10. Extended affine root system IV
    (Simply-laced elliptic Lie algebras)
    ps.gz [198KB] | pdf [484KB]

  11. Extended Affine Root Systems III
    ( Elliptic Weyl Groups )
    ps.gz [98KB] | pdf [318KB]

  12. Character Variety of Representations of a Finitely Generated Group in SL2
    ps.gz [61KB] | pdf [236KB]

  13. Duality for Regular Systems of Weights
    ps.gz [283KB] | pdf [556KB]

  14. Extended Affine Root System V
    (Elliptic Eta-product and their Dirichlet series)
    ps.gz [170KB] | pdf [349KB]

Kyoji Saito