Staff -TAKEHIRO, Shin-ichi-

Name TAKEHIRO, Shin-ichi
Position Associate Professor
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Shin-ichi Takehiro is working on geophysical fluid dynamics. His research interest covers all kinds of problems related to fluid motions in planetary surfaces and interiors (atmospheres, mantles and central cores), as well as problems of the Earth's atmosphere and ocean. He also develops technique and software of numerical methods in order to deal with various problems in geophysical fluid dynamics. Recent topics of his research are:
1) Fluid motions in the Earth's inner core;
2) Penetration of magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) fluid motions into a stable layer caused by magneto-convection and MHD dynamos in rapidly rotating spherical shells;
3) Thermal convection and MHD dynamos in rotating spherical shells;
4) Surface flows generated by convection trapped below a stable layer in rapidly rotating spherical shells;
5) Two-dimensional turbulence on rotating spheres.