In response to the reduction of the level of activity restriction for COVID-19

In response to the reduction of the level of activity restriction for COVID-19

8 October, 2020

To Members of RIMS,

On October 1st, Kyoto University reduced its level of activity restriction from Level 2- to Level 1. Corresponding to this, the measures taken at Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences were revised as follows.
As a general rule, for measures that are not specified in this notice, the guidelines of the Graduate School of Science should be taken. (Download the guidelines of the Graduate School of Science: ).
We will continue to follow the suggested guidelines for crisis management levels declared by the university.

i) Shared Offices of Graduate Students: should be used thoroughly taking measures against infectious diseases. Avoid to stay longer than necessary.

ii) Researcher/ RA: Those who are currently teleworking and wish to return to work in the shared office ending teleworking, it is allowed when the measures against infectious diseases are taken thoroughly. (Reply to the questionnaire which will soon be sent from the general affairs section)

iii) Attendance of Faculty Members: Continue to take careful and utmost consideration to prevent the spread of infection. Staggered work hours are recommended. Online seminars and meetings are still encouraged.

iv) Undergraduate Lectures/ Seminars: Should be conducted following the guidelines of the Graduate School of Science and/or of RIMS.

v) Seminars with Graduate Students and/or Researchers: With mutual agreements reached on consultations between faculty members and students/researchers, face-to-face seminars may be held, thoroughly taking measures against infectious diseases. (Requests from students/researchers for face-to-face seminars should be respected as much as possible)

vi) Seminars Attended by Outside Visitors: Recommended to be held online. If a face-to-face seminar is being held, it is requested to limit the number of attendants to 30% or less of the room's capacity. A list of participants information should be submitted to the Cooperative Research Section each time by the organizers for the purpose of tracking the transmission route in case infection is revealed among the attendants.

vii) Entrance of Outside Visitors: For the purpose of tracking the transmission route of infection in case, faculty members are asked to keep records of outside visitors to their offices, and office staff of each section of visitors to their section. The records should be saved for three weeks.

viii) Domestic business trips: Business trips are allowed to be conducted with the utmost consideration regarding the spread of infection.

ix) Overseas business trips: While still in physically difficult situation to conduct international trips due to the current border control measures, further international business trips should be planned paying close attention to the overseas safety information released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or Kyoto University.
(Not necessary to report in advance to the director)

Other related notes

a) Online lectures and Others: It is advised to attend (or view) online lectures at home if possible. When viewing them in shared offices, use headphone sets etc. not to cause any inconvenience to other occupants. In case neither is possible, you may request for the use of a seminar room. Ask at the Cooperative Research Service Section for arrangements (Smaller seminar rooms only for the purpose)

b) Masks: Wear masks in RIMS property. It is permitted to remove them while you are quietly working in your office, keeping a sufficient distance from the others in the room.

We appreciate your cooperation in continuing to pay close attention to coronavirus prevention measures (thorough disinfection, ventilation, avoiding crowded environments, and maintaining sufficient distance to avoid close contact).

Takashi Kumagai, Director
Narutaka Ozawa, Deputy Director
Kaoru Ono, Chief of Research Groups



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