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Deputy Director

Consists of the Director, professors of RIMS, and a few other professors of Kyoto University, and deliberates and decides upon matters that are important for the institute.

International Advisory Board
Consists of International academic experts who have a broad view of and high insight into mathematics and the mathematical sciences.
Designated by the Director, and provides advice concerning the organization of RIMS.


Advisory Board
Consists of selected professors and researchers from inside and outside Kyoto University, and responds to important questions on the operation of the RIMS posed by the Director.

Technical Committee
Consists of selected professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, and researchers from inside and outside Kyoto University, and deliberates the joint usage of the institute.


Faculty Meeting
Consists of the Director and professors of RIMS, and deliberates and reviews important matters concerning the institute.

Various Committees

Research Divisions

  * Fundamental Mathematics Research Division
  * Infinite Analysis Research Division
  * Applied Mathematics Research Division
Attached Institutes * Computer Laboratory
* Center for Research Interaction in Mathematical Sciences (Internal process)
* Liaison Center in Mathematics (Internal process)
* International Research Center for Next-Generation Geometry (Internal process)
Administrative Office
Administrative Director
* General Affairs Section
* Cooperative Research Service Section
* Library
* Secretariat (including the International Research Support Office)



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