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RIMS recognizes that, from both personal and social perspectives, it is important to ensure that a diverse array of individuals is able to thrive within the mathematics community of Japan. Indeed, not only is there an imperative for talented mathematicians of various circumstances to be provided with an academic environment in which they can fulfil their potential, but also, without such, society risks losing valuable contributions towards future progress. Some of the initiatives that RIMS has introduced in order to support a diverse research community are listed below. Given the extremely low participation of women in mathematics in Japan, these place a particular focus on gender equality and diversity.

Code of Conduct

A "Code of Conduct" is in place for those involved in joint research activities at RIMS.

"Promotion of Women's Participation" in Research Activities

We encourage the participation of female mathematicians in our research community at RIMS. To support this, we have introduced a specific "Promotion of Women's Participation" workshop/symposium program. To be eligible for this, proposals must meet the following three conditions.
 (1) The principal organizer is female. (If there are two, both are female.)
 (2) 50% or more of the speakers (which should be specified in the proposal) are female.
 (3) 50% or more of the expected participants listed in the proposal are female.
The Advisory Board will select up to three such proposals. For those accepted, a budget of up to 1.2 million yen will be offered; this is to support travel expenses for the participants, and encourage international participation. Proposals not adopted as this type of project will still hold a chance to be selected as a regular RIMS Workshop/Symposium. The Technical Committee and the Advisory Board will make the selection and decide on the budget (up to 700,000 yen) for each of the proposals accepted as a regular RIMS Workshop/Symposium.
For more details, please refer to the webpage below. In particular, see the "Guidelines for Grant Proposal Application Form (for “Promotion of Women's Participation”)", and "How to Write the Proposal (for “Promotion of Women's Participation”)".
Please note that the application form and the instructions (“How to Write the Proposal”) for the "Promotion of Women's Participation" scheme are different from those for the regular RIMS Workshops/Symposia program.

Gender Equality and Fostering Early Career Researchers

Kyoto University supports gender equality and encourages the research activities of early career researchers. RIMS asks that those preparing proposals (for any RIMS program) consider gender diversity and the perspective of fostering early career researchers. We particularly hope to see more female researchers participating as members of organizing committees. We moreover encourage the invitation of female and early career researchers to participate in and present their work at the various Joint Research Activities of RIMS. Finally, we highlight that proposals from female and early career researchers are extremely welcome.

Childcare Services during Joint Research Activities

It is possible to set up a temporary nursery on campus during research meetings for the use of researchers with children. For details, please contact the organizer of the meeting you are attending or the Cooperative Research Service Section at RIMS.

Wheelchair Accessibility and Braille Availability at RIMS

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Data on Women's Participation

For data on female participation in RIMS activities (numbers of participants, speakers and organizers, by year), see the following document.
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