RIMS was certified as an International Joint Usage/Research Center on Nov. 13, 2018.
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Joint Usage Research Center

To promote mathematical science research in Japan, this institute is serving as a Joint Usage/Research Center that provides researchers nationwide in the related fields with opportunities and assistance for various joint usage. Joint usage research plans are publicly solicited once a year. The proposals are reviewed and adopted by the technical committee and advisory board.
In addition, for important and urgent plans that are drawn up when excellent researchers come from overseas, considerations are given so that they will be implemented efficiently as special plans.

Joint Usage/Research Center

Form of Joint Use Research

RIMS Symposia (open)

Open joint research on a specific theme is conducted for several days at this institute. The research program will be distributed to the organizations concerned beforehand.

RIMS Workshops (open/closed)

A group of two or more researchers will conduct research as joint use researchers for 1 to 2 weeks at this institute.

RIMS Camp-style Seminars

This is a workshop where researchers from inside and outside Japan can gather and discuss under the same roof. Its purpose is to contribute to a quantum leap in each field of research and the development of next-generation leaders. (This project started in 2008, and since 2016, international recruitment has been performed as part of the internationalization of the center activities.)

Long-term researchers

These researchers conduct research as joint usage researchers for two weeks or more at this institute. One of the important purposes is to exchange opinions with nearby researchers.