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[RIMS Review Seminars] Open or closed seminar

These are a tutorial seminar for researchers Comprehensive lectures on respective fields are given by one or more tutors for the purpose of sharing new trends and problems among related researchers. RIMS starts accepting applications around April each academic year.

Financial support

Expenses directly related to the Seminar (venue expenses, domestic travel expenses, and overseas travel expenses*1) will be covered by RIMS up to 600,000 Japanese yen in accordance with Kyoto University’s relevant regulations.

* Access (domestic travel expenses)

Screening process

The Advisory Board of RIMS will select proposals to be approved from among the submitted proposals for Joint Research Activities and decide the amount of travel expenses of each approved Joint Research Activity.

Seminar venue

The venue for the Seminar should be RIMS or a place in Japan with facilities (training/conference rooms, etc.) suitable for the Seminar.

Available facilities

Seminar rooms used for joint research activities are available on the following page..
Seminar rooms and facilities for joint research

COVID-19 updates for organizers and participants

Guidelines for RIMS Joint Research Activities

For Principal Researcher Guidline are available on the following page.

for Principal Researcher

Guidelines and Application form (RIMS Review Seminars)

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deadline: Aug.31.2021(JST)
Web Submission URL
Guidelines for Grant Proposal PDF  
Application form for proposal PDF WORD
Web Submission (closed)  
Guidelines for Grant Proposal PDF  
Application form for proposal PDF WORD


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