Past RIMS Research Projects

  Cluster algebras were original introduced by Fomin and Zelevinsky around 2000 to generalize a class of commutative algebras appearing in Lie theory in view of the Laurent phenomenon. Nowadays they are recognized as a kind of extension of the theory of root systems, and they are actively studied as an underlying algebraic and combinatorial structure ubiquitously appearing in several areas of mathematics.
  In this research project, we will hold an international workshops series "Cluster Algebras 2019" at RIMS in June, 2019, which is the largest comprehensive program on cluster algebras since the semantic program in KIAS, Korea in 2014. We will also hold a mini course on topics in cluster algebras at RIMS in May, 2019 by the visiting professors Bernard Leclerc (Universitè de Caen) and Michael Gekhtman (Notre Dame).
Discrete Optimization and Related Topics
Discrete optimization occurs frequently in our economic and social activities.
The development of discrete optimization in both theory and application has a major impact on our society, since artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data receive much attention.
In this project research, we aim to promote theoretical research on discrete optimization. The project focus not only on classical research but also on the one related to big data, such as sublinear or constant time optimization algorithm. For example, we plan to have the following three international workshops

1) Hungarian-Japanese Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

2) International Workshop on Innovative Algorithms for Big Data

3) International Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization and Algorithmic Game Theory
Past RIMS Research Projects(2018-)


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