RIMS Research Projects

As a collaborative research activity unique to RIMS, since 1991 the institute organizes international research projects on selected themes in mathematics and mathematical sciences every year. For each research project, various research activities, including international workshops and activities for fostering young researchers, are inductively conducted for one fiscal year.
Many oversea rsearchers participate in these research projects, including leading researchers invited as the key members of the projects.

2019 Cluster Algebras
2019 Discrete Optimization and Related Topics
2018 Vertex operator algebras and symmetries
2017 Mathematical Analysis of quantum mechanics and related topics
2016 Differential geometry and geometric analysis
2016 The prospects for Gröbner bases
2016 Fluid Dynamics of Near-Wall Turbulence
2015 Stochastic Analysis
2015 New Frontiers in Theoretical Computer Science
2014 Toward a new fusion research of mathematics and materials science
2014 Geometric Representation Theory
2013 Moduli Theory
2013 Fluid Dynamics of Large-Scale Flows
2013 Dynamical Systems: New Directions in Theory and Applications
2012 Discrete Geometric Analysis
2012 Emerging Applications of Highly Accurate Method of Numerical Computation
2011 Operator Algebras and their Applications
2011 Minimal models and extremal rays
2010 Functions in Number Theory and their Probabilistic Aspects
2010 Perspectives in Deformation Quantization and Noncommutative Geometry
2009 Mathematical Finance
2009 Qualitative Study on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Dispersive Type
2008 Discrete Structures and Algorithms
2008 On the Resolution of Singularities
2007 Mirror Symmetry and Topological Field Theory
2006 Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry 2006 Theoretical Effectivity and Practical Effectivity of Grobner Bases
2005 Mathematics of the Navier-Stokes Equations and its Applications
2004 Method of Algebraic Analysis in Integrable Systems
2003 Complex Dynamics
2002 Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics
2001 Low-Dimensional Topology in the Twenty-First Century
2000 Reaction-diffusion systems: Theories and Applications
1999 Geometry Related to String Theory